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Turbocharge Your Startup:
From Zero to $10M and beyond

At TurboTraktion, we supercharge your startup's journey, providing tailored go-to-market strategies and monetization pathways. We partner with you, propelling your innovative product from inception to achieving $10 million in revenue and beyond

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The Knowledge Gap

Turning innovative ideas into a thriving business often presents a daunting challenge for technical entrepreneurs. Great products succeed only when coupled with the right go-to-market strategy

Funding Challenges

Funding Challenges

The 'Catch-22' situation of needing more customers for more funds, and more funds for more customers, is a persistent hurdle to cross

Market Segmentation and Sales Strategies

Market Segmentation and Sales Strategies

Identifying profitable markets, establishing vital connections, and setting up effective sales funnels can feel like navigating a maze, leading to feelings of being lost or overwhelmed

Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

The Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can feel like a solo journey, lacking a sounding board for ideas and shared celebration of each step of progress


We are there to help:
Your On-Demand
Growth Catalyst

TurboTraktion turbocharges your startup's journey from idea to commercial success. We form an alliance with you to translate your groundbreaking product into a revenue-generating powerhouse. By working with you through each critical phase, from pricing to go-to-market strategy to partnerships and sales execution, we fast-track your growth from ground zero to $10M revenue and beyond

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Tailored Go-to-Market strategies

Plans designed for your business, encompassing target customer identification, pricing, proposition, and sales and marketing strategy

Low Cost GrowthHacks

Discover unconventional, budget-friendly strategies that are proven to spur rapid growth

Flawless Execution

Implementation of GTM strategies. Efficient business routines to executing growth hacks to team training, we turn your vision into tangible results, ensuring success

Expert sessions and meetups

Benefit from frequent interactions with industry veterans, helping you to stay updated with market trends and best practices

Access to Success Blueprints

Get insights into successful business models and case studies, giving you the know-how to emulate their success

Support Network

Become part of an exclusive community of founders, to learn from others, network and to get advice, and mutual support

Our Experienced team is there to partner with you

Seasoned Professionals

Global Exposure

Our team's expertise spans across continents, from Asia to Europe and the US, navigating various business landscapes and cultures

Global Exposure

Seasoned Startup Professionals

Every member of our team brings a decade of startup experience, having been in the trenches themselves.


From Idea to Reality

We have been instrumental in evolving businesses from mere ideas to revenue-generating entities, even unicorns and decacorns

Versatile Expertise

Versatile Expertise

Our team's collective experience covers all aspects of B2B and B2C businesses, empowering us to guide you irrespective of your customer base

Multi sector Experience

Multi-Sector Experience

Our team has worked in various sectors, bringing a broad spectrum of insights to propel your startup forward

groundbreakers in innovation

Groundbreakers in innovation

We've been part of cutting-edge, high-impact startups that have changed industries and consumer behaviours.

Choose a plan that’s right for you

BOOST: Fast-track Workshop

A one-time workshop aimed at entrepreneurs who need specific advice to accelerate growth. In this intensive workshop, we answer your questions and provide a roadmap for your go-to-market strategy. Whether you're unsure about your target audience or pricing, or growth hack, we'll help you identify the right direction.


  • Roadmap for your GTM strategy
  • Expert evaluation of your product market fit, customer appeal and monetisation strategy
  • Expert advice tailored to your specific questions
  • Deep-dive into your business model to uncover hidden opportunities
  • Prioritization guide for your most pressing business challenges
  • Bonus: Top growth hacks for your business

Thrust: Strategy and Execution Blueprint

This 3-4 month engagement provides a comprehensive deep into your startup's GTM strategy, coupled with assistance in implementation or setting up routines. Beyond strategy, we provide hands-on support, establishing essential business routines and fostering internal capabilities to sustain your growth.


  • Detailed GTM strategy with a breakdown of target customer identification, pricing and monetisation strategy, sales and marketing strategy
  • Implementation support for identified strategies
  • Assistance in establishing essential business routines
  • Assistance in defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and setting targets
  • Training your team on executing the GTM strategy effectively
  • Bonus: Access to our network of industry contacts and potential partners

Propel: On-Demand CBO Service

This plan positions us as your go-to growth person, available round the clock for all business decisions. Acting as your on-demand Chief Business Officer or Chief Growth Officer, we interface with your stakeholders and drive your business towards set targets, all for a fraction of a typical CBO's cost.


  • Full-fledged GTM strategy including what product, which market and customer, what price and how to get to the desired revenue using which channels
  • Executing the roadmap alongwith existing team and stakeholders
  • Driving specific goals and achievement targets
  • Continuous performance tracking and adjustments to the growth strategy
  • Access to blueprints from successful startups, guidance on team building, dedicated support in liaising with external stakeholders, setting and tracking business objectives
  • Bonus: Access to our network of investors, industry contacts and potential partners

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, TurboTraktion specializes in propelling early-stage startups, providing the right guidance, support, and resources to help them go from idea to their first $10M and beyond.
Yes, TurboTraktion specializes in propelling early-stage startups, providing the right guidance, support, and resources to help them go from idea to their first $10M and beyond.
Yes, TurboTraktion specializes in propelling early-stage startups, providing the right guidance, support, and resources to help them go from idea to their first $10M and beyond.
Yes, TurboTraktion specializes in propelling early-stage startups, providing the right guidance, support, and resources to help them go from idea to their first $10M and beyond.
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